What is it?

We’ve all had headaches from time to time. From a therapist’s perspective, we’re talking about head pain from migraines, tension headaches, or even pain coming from your jaw or neck.

What should you expect from Springer PT?

We begin by getting the big picture: how long have you had the headaches, how long do they last, where do they start, and so on, all as part of determining the cause. We’ll combine that personal information with a physical exam to diagnose the source, whether it’s muscles or the neck or a head injury. We’ll look at your range of motion, strength, and trigger point patterns in the muscles to put together a complete picture.

Does this sound like you?

We all get headaches sometimes. But if you have frequent or severe migraines, tension headaches, or pain coming from your jaw or your neck, it’s time to seek our expert care.

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