What is it?

Chronic pain is constant pain that’s been with you for more than three months; it could be anywhere in the body. And it’s incredibly common. Some people think you go to physical therapy only after an injury, but at Springer, many of our patients come to us for help with chronic pain.

What should you expect from Springer PT?

We’ll start with in-depth diagnosis to identify the source of the pain to get to the root cause as quickly as possible. As Springer PT founder Lisa Springer says, “the longer the pain goes on, it’s like quicksand — it keeps grabbing more cells and more tissue. Areas that weren’t initially involved are now involved.”

We’ll work on mobility through specifically tailored exercises and use a variety of therapies to address the affected area. Beyond focusing on your body, we’ll also work with your mindset to focus on what you can do, not what you can’t. We’ll also help you learn to manage the pain by understanding what pain is and how it works. Our goal is that you manage your pain — your pain doesn’t manage you.

Does this sound like you?

If you’ve had pain for multiple months, anywhere in the body, you may have chronic pain.

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