What is it?

Dry needling involves inserting an acupuncture needle into tissue (a spot or a band) that has trigger points. Trigger points are a local spot where muscle fibers have tightened and there’s no blood flow. The needle releases the tension so blood flows, which helps with healing.

It’s different from acupuncture, which starts at the head and focuses on the whole body. Dry needling focuses on an affected area and follows muscles along a specific nerve innervation or just one or two muscles. (No medicine can be put into the needle, that’s why it’s called dry.)

Why would you need this treatment?

If you have pain in one area, dry needling allows the therapist to get deeper than heat or manual pressure. Most people are candidates for it unless you bruise easily or have an active infection.

What should you expect from Springer PT?

You’ll see an increase in your range of motion, along with decreased pain. Plus you’ll be able to do more, because your muscles won’t be as tight.

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