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The Hip

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The hip, a ball and socket joint, is the largest weight-bearing joint in the body. It endures stress forces up to five times the weight of your body!

Not surprisingly, over time, that kind of stress can lead to arthritis and other structural injuries. Whatever the type of injury, when you come to us, we start by getting to know you. Our hip specialist will ask lots of questions to get a full background. Then we’ll move on to a physical exam, where we use hands-on manual therapy to assess the action of the joint and the muscle surrounding the hip.

We’ll also have you walk and step up and down, and sit. Even if you don’t realize it, your body will change how it moves to reduce the pain, which can cause other issues. We always remind our patients that what happens in one part of your body affects the rest. That’s why we look at the whole body, not just a body part in isolation.

Once we have the full diagnosis we’ll create a tailored plan for you, using whatever range of therapies is needed, and continuing to work with you throughout the plan.

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