What is it?

Blood flow restriction is designed to help people gain strength while lifting lighter loads. The concept is to partially restrict the blood flow, using different types of straps, to help you build strength even with physical limitations. For example, if you just had surgery on your shoulder, we could put a strap on the unaffected or opposite arm. You’ll get the benefits on the arm that can’t work out right now. Or we can put straps on both legs and have you do a light workout that gives you the benefit of a harder workout.

Why would you need this treatment?

If you need to build strength but can’t exercise fully, this approach can help prevent muscle atrophy. This can work for anyone after surgery (unless you have open wounds). This technique can be used with older people, deconditioned people or athletes that just want to build muscle faster.

What should you expect from Springer PT?

You’ll see results in 3-4 weeks, including better endurance and more strength. Because this will increase your breathing and heart rate, we have our patients do this in the clinic with supervision.

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