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The Wrist & Hand

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The hand, while small compared to other parts of the body, is incredibly complicated. It has 27 bones and 20 joints (just think of how many ways your fingers can move!). What affects the hand typically affects the wrist as well, because of how the two work together. And because we use our hands and wrists constantly – from sending texts to opening car doors to carrying groceries – it’s not surprising that we injure them. (And in some cases it’s not an injury, but a condition like arthritis.)

As with every injury or issue, we look at the whole body and your whole lifestyle to get all the small details as well as the big picture. We’ll start with an in-depth conversation and complete a hands-on and observational exam.

Once we have the diagnosis, we’ll create a tailored plan for you. We have certified hand specialists on staff, which means if you need one, we can make tools like splints to help maintain neutral positioning. Every tool is customized for your body, your issue, and your lifestyle.

We’ll also help you with movement, showing you the best way to lift items (with your wrist in a neutral position to eliminate stress on tendons and joints to prevent injury) and use your hand and wrist in ways that maintain health and don’t cause more pain.

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