What is it?

Ergonomics is the applied science of design, specifically the physical environment around us and how we interact with it. Essentially it’s learning how we can sit, stand, walk, or carry things in ways that are better for the body.

Why would you need this treatment?

At Springer, we add ergonomics to all of our treatment plans, not just for workers’ compensation. How we move (and don’t move) all day has a direct effect on our physical health, so we want to make sure we’re working with you not just inside the clinic, but also outside in the “real world.”

What should you expect from Springer PT?

We’ll ask lots of questions! And we’ll get out of the clinic and look at your world. For example, if you have shoulder issues, we’ll look at how you sit in the car: where’s the proper place to hold the wheel? We’ll look at how you sit at your desk: what’s the proper distance for your seat to be back, how high should your desk and monitor be? If you work on your feet all day, we’ll dig into that, too. You should expect tailored advice, specific to your body and your situation – not just a sheet of tips!

Schedule a consultation

Call us to schedule your consultation. Let’s talk about what’s going on and get you back to your life!