What is it?

ASTYM stands for Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization. That sounds fancy, doesn’t it? What it means is using a tool, usually made out of high-gauge plastic, with ribbing or curvature, to mobilize scar tissue, muscles, and tendons to improve blood flow. Think of it like massage with a tool.

Why would you need this treatment?

ASTYM is for people with tendonitis, myofascial tightness or scar tissue. The tool allows a therapist to go deeper than manual therapy. It’s good for addressing more stubborn areas because it helps spark an inflammatory response that paves the way for healing. It’s good for athletes and for repetitive injuries. It can be used on just about any part of the body, for anybody except those who bruise easily or who are on blood thinners.

What should you expect from Springer PT?

If we tell you ASTYM is right for you, know that we’ll use the tool on the whole related area. So for example, if you have a shoulder issue, wear a tank top. If the area is in the legs, hips or Achilles, wear shorts. Sometimes the pressure can be uncomfortable, so be sure to talk to your therapist while we’re doing the therapy. We can adjust! We usually recommend twice a week for 4 weeks for best results. We follow that with exercise therapy to continue and maintain the improved range of motion, increased functionality, and relief from pain.

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