Welcome to our family!

Be part of a team that truly cares, from patients to colleagues.

Elevating the practice of physical therapy

At Springer, you’ll find a team of experts who work together to care for patients, and have fun doing it!

Three clinics,
one team

All for One, and One for All. At Springer you’re part of a team, not an individual supporting a branch.

Opportunities to mentor & be mentored

Expand your disciple, practice, and skillset — we love to share our knowledge with our colleagues.

We’re not
about volume

We ask questions. We listen. And we spend time getting to know and care for our patients.

We value

We’re highly trained experts who specialize in the latest techniques, from dry needling to cupping.

There’s so much to love about working at Springer

"I love the people that I work with, they are so much fun and incredibly smart. It makes learning as a new therapist easy and exciting."
"I love knowing that I will have fun at work. I think it’s important to enjoy coming to work and I like that we are focused on getting people better, not just hitting our quota."
"The team. We have so much fun together, it makes the work day fly by. There’s a lot of really talented people working here, and lots of big brains, which makes problem solving that much easier."