Physical Therapist Healing Patient Shoulder Pain

The Shoulder

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The shoulder is a ball and socket joint, versus a hinge. It has a surface area similar to a golf ball resting on a tee. Picture the shoulder capsule as the top of the golf tee and the golf ball as the head of the humerus (the long bone of the arm).

We refer to the shoulder as a shallow joint, because there’s not much contact between the bone and the small capsule that connects to it. That’s one reason shoulders are easily injured — shallow joints can easily become unstable. Plus, many other joints attach to the shoulder and/or are responsible for movement at the shoulder.

Our therapists understand the complexity of the shoulder and what we need to identify to create your specific plan of care. In addition to an in-depth exam and conversation with you, we’ll look at how the body around the shoulder functions. As part of our treatment, we’ll do manual therapy to make sure the joint is moving properly and that the muscles were recruited in the right order. As with any issue, we always look at full body movement to see if other body parts are compensating — and adding to the problem!

Once we have a complete diagnosis, we’ll use a tailored mix of therapies to get you back to your life. And we’ll partner with you throughout your recovery and beyond.

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