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The Knee

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Even though knees don’t take up much space in the body, they contain multiple structures that can be damaged, including cartilage, ligaments, tendons or inflamed bursae (fluid filled sac in joints).

Beyond issues with the knee itself, tight calf muscles or a tight IT band can cause knee issues. (The IT band is the iliotibial band, a long piece of connective tissue on the outside of your leg from the hip to the knee and shinbone).
And of course, knees get injured, too. You can hurt yourself jumping or landing wrong, getting tackled or knocked down in sports, and sometimes just from stepping “wrong” off a step or curb.

When you come to us with a knee issue, we start with a thorough hands-on exam of the knee itself, and we also watch how you bend at the knees, go up and down stairs, walk, or run (if you’re a runner we’ll put you on the treadmill!). We’ll even look at your shoes. Something that might seem trivial – like whether you walk on the outside or the inside of your foot – can cause knee or hip issues.

Once we have the full diagnosis we’ll create a tailored plan for you, using whatever range of therapies is needed, and continuing to work with you throughout the plan.

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