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When you think of your head, you might think it’s made up of the skull and jaw — two parts. Actually, 22 bones are in the cranium (what we think of as the skull), plus the jaw bones.

Picture a newborn – clearly our heads grow as we grow, but the bones also fuse. The head doesn’t have joints, per se, but it does have a degree of flexibility. It’s like a zipper – fused and connected, but with some give and take (we need those for functions like coughing).

Whether you come to us for a concussion, recurring headaches, or with pain or mobility issues in any area of your head, our therapists will do a deep dive assessment to not only understand the sources of pain or the history of the injury, but also to look at the whole body. Head injuries can affect your neck, your balance, even your eyesight. That’s why we always start with a thorough exam and a detailed conversation before creating a customized plan for your recovery.

Common Symptoms of Head Pain

Prior to diagnosing your head pain treatment, it is important to walk through your symptoms. Common symptoms of head pain include:

– Sinus pressure
– Tooth pain
– Jaw pain
– Pain in the base of the skull

Common Causes of Head Pain

There are numerous ways you can experience head pain. It is important to understand why you’re getting your head pain. Below are some common causes of head pain.

TMJ – Pain in the jaw that can occur in the eye, ear, or teeth with chewing or talking.
Tension Headaches – Pain in the facial muscles or sinus pressure above or below the eyes.
Migraines – Pain anywhere on the head with possible vision changes and nausea.
Occipital Neuralgia – Pain at the base of the skull radiating into the neck, as well as eye pain.

Why Get Evaluated by a Physical Therapist?

Getting evaluated is among the first steps in addressing your immediate concerns while also laying the groundwork for a pain-free future.

– Get assistance with correcting your posture and aligning your joint mechanics.
– Become educated on stress reduction techniques as well as proper breathing techniques that will assist in decreasing head and jaw pain.
– Understand how to manage your pain and prevent future occurrences.

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