Springer Physical Therapy Team

Our team makes a meaningful difference in patients’ lives every day. We get to know each person, because every body is different.

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Our mission

To elevate the practice of physical therapy and occupational therapy to deliver dramatically different care, restoring movement for every body, one body at a time.

What Drives the Springer PT Team

Along with our mission, our values ground us in how to show up every day.

Smart Healers

We’re experts. And we work hard to stay that way. Always learning, always listening, never jumping to conclusions. And we share that knowledge with our community. Knowledge is power.

No Sugar Coating

We value kindness above all. Part of being kind is being honest. We won’t give you false hope, and we won’t cut you slack if you don’t do your part. This is the best kind of tough love you’ll get outside your family.

All for One, and One for All

We are here for each other. We commit to creating a safe space for all, where everyone heals and thrives. We are inclusive and welcoming; no one feels unsafe or left out.

Radically Different

We know each person is unique – therapy shouldn’t be an assembly line. We don’t rely on gadgets; we use human touch to heal. We take the time to develop an individualized approach.

We Listen & Investigate

When you come to us with a problem, we don't just address that body part. In fact, we're not about body parts. We're about the whole person, the whole story.

Why Springer PT?

At Springer, we’re all about the power of personal connections and evidence-based healing. Just like a tailor customizes clothing just for you, we tailor our therapeutic approach just for you.

Manual therapy

Manual therapy heals, and that’s why we use it. Our therapy plans are evidence-based, backed by the latest science and decades of experience.

Expert team

We have both the academic knowledge of the latest treatments and the practical experience of hundreds of success stories.

We take the time

This isn’t about how many patients we can see in an hour. We take the time each patient needs for care and for communication. Good results can’t be rushed!

Holistic means whole body, whole life, whole story

We are expert diagnosticians. We dig until we find the root cause of your pain. We ask questions, we watch you move, we get to know you, and your life.

A partner in your care

We’re in this together. We hold you accountable for doing your part, as much as we hold ourselves accountable for doing ours.

Springer is growing!
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Our Team

Lisa J. Springer PT, DPT, CMPT, VRT,
Chief Executive Officer
David Grant Fellowship Trained Manual Therapist, Clinic Director,
David Levy Director of Hand Therapy, MS, OTR/L, CHT
Kristi Johnson Director of Pelvic Floor Therapy, PT, CMPT
Michelle Stolin Clinic Director,
Lisa Vitale Administrative Director
Jessica McGuire MPT, ASTYM
Ashley Williams Clinic Director, DPT