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Neck & Back Pain Treatment

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When a patient comes in and says, “my neck hurts” or “my lower back is stiff” we’ll look at the entire spinal column, as well as the hips and the sacral iliac joint. What happens at the top affects the bottom, and vice versa! Nothing in the body happens in isolation.

Did you know there are 120 muscles around the spinal cord, and more than 100 joints that make up the spine itself? The basic components of the spinal column are the vertebrae (bone), discs (shock absorbers), and facets (joints on the side of the spinal column).

The muscles around the spine perform complicated movements, including helping you breathe. Did you know that when you take a deep breath, even your tailbone moves? You can imagine how any movement in the body can lead to healing or harm in other parts.

Common Symptoms of Neck & Back Pain

Prior to diagnosing your head pain treatment, it is important to walk through your symptoms. Common symptoms of neck or back pain include:

– Neck stiffness or catching episodes
– Unable to turn head
– Inability to bend over without pain in your leg
– Pain, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs
– Spasming of muscles in the neck or back

Common Causes of Neck & Back Pain

There are a variety of reasons why neck & back pain occurs. It is important to understand why you’re getting your pain in the neck or back. Below are some common causes for this pain:

Whiplash – The head or body is hit or impacted and throws your head back and forth.
Facet Sprain or “Crick” – Unable to turn your head without pain.
Poor Body Mechanics – Regular movement that causes a forward head that then pulls on your neck and back.

Why get Evaluated by a Physical Therapist?

Getting evaluated is among the first steps in addressing your immediate concerns while also laying the groundwork for a pain-free future.

– Get assistance with identifying muscles and postural habits that may be triggering your neck or back pain.
– Receive help calming down the exacerbation of pain and correcting spinal alignment.
– Learn the right exercises to help minimize future occurrences.

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